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Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church

We were invited to collaborate with an Architect led design team and provide cost management services for the Holy Trinity scheme.

The team embraced the opportunity presented by the competition to put forward a number of lateral design propositions to stimulate debate and tease out what works and what doesn’t and whether there is a common ground between all stakeholders. The Holy Trinity Church was a ground breaking project being the biggest brick structure of its time. This tradition of trend setting was continued by the concept design.

The historic Market Square was seen as vital to the vision and success of the Holy Trinity project. A proposed pavement fountain and ‘carpet’ of LED lights to attract visitors and increase demand for the church as a venue for special occasions were proposed.

Market Square and Holy Trinity are unique. Such uniqueness would be enhanced by water jets, a processional route, stone carving, sculpture, art and a valuable contribution from volunteers.

Bauman Lyons Architects
Ross Damien Jordan

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