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Why your blue brand is bland…

An article titled: “Why your blue brand is bland” dated August 2006, was the inspiration for our first re-brand in 2007. Our second re-brand by Robot Food in 2012 combined the brand with our product portfolio.


A bit about brands:

A significant % of the top 100 global brands are blue. Brands like Visa, IBM, GE, Ford, Pepsico and Samsung all use blue as their primary brand colour. It’s a pretty good colour. Blue denotes a company that is trustworthy, established and secure. It’s the colour of big, old and professional.

As a result, a disproportionate number of SME’s default to using blue in their identities too. They assume blue is a better branding choice, because it signals they are like the big, established brands. Blue is perceived as more professional. That may be true, but blue is boring!!


What do we believe?:

We believe a colourful brand speaks volumes about the type of company we are. Colour offers personality. It signals what your brand is all about, and what it’s like to work for Sum. For example, yellow signals positivity, Β energy and creativity. Red offers body and passion. Black is prestigious, sophisticated and premium. When chosen wisely, colour can be a very powerful branding tool.


What are we doing?:

We’re now adding the depth & feeling to the brand by exploring our Core Values. In addition, we’ll be launching the visuals for our learning & development Academy soon. So watch this space. We are Sum.


Article from August 2006:Β http://www.bdonline.co.uk/why-your-blue-brand-is-bland/3071339.article

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