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Why are quantity surveyors important in construction projects

Building projects, whether they are large or small, require a qualified and experienced individual on hand to be able to oversee budgets, provide resource management and advise on the best practice for reducing waste, amongst a whole further array of skills.
If you’re unsure about what a quantity surveyor does within the construction process, it is important to understand how the role integrates into the wider building project. With the quantity surveyor role encompassing so many responsibilities and unique skills, they will often have contact with all the teams involved, maintaining cost and ROI across the board.

What are the key responsibilities of a quantity surveyor?

For every construction project, at least one quantity surveyor will need to be involved. These professionals will then use their knowledge to assess the quantities, costs and measurements of the materials and resources required to complete the project – often completed now with as little wastage as possible. A quantity surveyor will also consider the labour costs and services that are needed along with any equipment required to finalise the project.

A quantity surveyor often takes on a number of responsibilities within the construction process, which will encompass the broad spectrum of cost management and effectiveness. They will utilise their skill set to advise on the cost to build the structure, and oversee the procurement strategy, with involvement in the project starting right at the initial stages.

The first stages of a quantity surveyors involvement will be during the early stages of budgeting, remaining close to the budget throughout the entirety of the project. They will work with the wider team and ensure that detailed cost plans are created in order to confirm that all costs have been identified and collated, ensuring maximum efficiency.

From early initial calculations, quantity surveyors will utilise their cost disciplines to allow them to effectively estimate costs and ensure that the monitoring of costs is maintained effectively throughout.

They may be required to advise on a procurement strategy and will typically provide their professional assistance during the preparation of any commercial estimates, submissions of tenders and any further commercial construction company cost related activities.

From schedules of resource quantities and materials to bill preparation, labour costs and service billing, a quantity surveyor is involved in a vast range of the activities required to construct and equip the building before ground is even broken.

Quantity surveyors and your construction project

By securing a good quantity surveyor and ensuring consultations take place early on, you can establish that your costs are aligned and there is a reduced risk of any unexpected outgoings. It is also important to remember that once you have a scheme in mind, you should bring in a quantity surveyor, regardless of if the project is commercial or residential.

If any of your designs move on to the planning and tendering phase without first being overseen by a quantity surveyor, you could be putting yourself at risk of running over budget and having too few or too many materials. By involving a skilled quantity surveyor, you are much more likely to match client aspiration and safeguard from both builders and architects over specifying or charging too much.

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Sum Academy

=Sum Academy: Developing Talented People to Work in Construction

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We’re looking for a Senior Contract Consultant.

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