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How to encourage more female graduates into the quantity surveying industry

Quantity surveying is becoming a more popular subject for students to study and pursue as a career, both in the UK and around the world. The increased awareness of the job role has boosted the appeal of the subject, due to a heightened understanding of the prospective career path and potential roles available within the industry.

Women in construction

Moreover, the industry is seeing an increasing diversity within the ranks, with more women showing interest in what was traditionally a male-dominated industry. This brings a wider breadth of ideas and ways of working, which previously had been stunted due to the lack of diversity within the wider workforce.

The increasing numbers of women now entering the technical field are growing faster than ever, and with this, the industry is also thriving. Therefore, the construction industry needs to take note of the ways in which the tech sector have adjusted to ensure a more inclusive and appealing environment for female workers.

With data from the CIF noting that the men account for between 97-99% of senior management within the construction industry, which may closely link to why the wider industry is failing to attract more women into the ranks.

Many of those within the industry note the culture as being the primary perpetrator for deterring more women from taking up roles within the industry. The CIF has previously produced recommendations to support businesses in amending their current internal culture in order to battle the gender imbalance more effectively. This includes removing any traces of gender stereotyping and endeavouring to stamp out the outdated image of the industry in order attract more women to enter and study for roles within the industry at entry-level, apprenticeships and second level.

What can the quantity surveying sector do?

The industry can do more to attract female talent, primarily through boosting the awareness of a career within this area of the construction industry. With construction still remain relatively male-dominated, companies working within the sector should consider the overarching culture of their business and how this appears to the public and external prospective employees.

Harbouring a collective environment that has put practices in place that aim to prevent archaic attitudes and moreover, sexism, is one of the clear ways in which a quantity surveying company can attract more female talent.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure equal opportunities are available to everyone. By employing a board of people who are all very much the same, can result in less innovation, stale business practices and overall, an environment which fails to attract anyone who is not of the same demographic.

Finally, companies should strive to work more closely with educational institutions to ensure that the schools are building positive images of the industry and showing a range of role models within it in order to inspire children from a young age. Ensuring that online representations of businesses operating in the construction industry across all sectors within this should ensure that their promotional material includes role models across a range of demographics. Then, ensuring this is followed throughout the business the management team to ensure fair representation, will likely have a positive effect in attracting more female talent.

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