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Adjudication in the UK is a statutory procedure whereby a party to a Construction Contract can refer a dispute, at any time, and have that dispute decided by an independent Adjudicator. These rights are either expressed in the Construction Contract or implied by the Housing, Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996. We provide professional and honest advice to our clients and can assist in resolving disputes if briefed at an early stage. If a formal dispute does arise, we understand the processes and can advise our clients in any scenario, whether referring or defending a matter.

Adjudication Referral

If you commence Adjudication, you are known as the referring party. At Sum, we have extensive experience in preparing for, drafting and managing Adjudication referrals for our clients. We devise strategies with the clear objective to maximise the prospects of success. We have a highly qualified team, who are passionate about obtaining the best possible award for their clients at a cost effective level of investment. Our team is formally qualified to represent a party in Adjudication and is supported by a wider team with skills in construction law, quantum, programme analysis and defects related matters.

Adjudication Defence

If you receive an Adjudication notice and have to defend a position, you are known as the responding party. The timetable for an Adjudication process can place the responding party under extreme pressure. Sum has experience in these highly pressurised scenarios, helping clients to defend their position in the most difficult of circumstances and we work hard to achieve the best result against the odds.

The Adjudicators Award

Upon the receipt of the Adjudicators award, we can help you understand the various elements of that decision. The decision will deal with the issues set out in the referral notice and the Adjudicator will present his/her fees. If requested so by the referring party, reasons will be presented with that decision. We can advise you on the next step if necessary.

An Adjudicator’s decision is binding unless successfully overturned by Arbitration or Litigation.  If a party fails to pay an award, we can advise on the measures necessary to enforce that decision through a cost effective application for summary judgement.

Why Choose Sum?

We believe our expertise and pricing point provides perfect market positioning. Our team of professionals are multi-disciplinary – qualified in Quantity Surveying and Construction Law. We have established proven strategies and have the skill set required to succeed – knowledge of construction, quantum and Adjudication law. If we need a second legal opinion to support, we can obtain select advice from lawyers / barristers on your behalf.

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