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Leeds Clarence Dock

What is the Northern Powerhouse and how does this look to boost the economy?

The Northern Powerhouse proposal refers to the plan put forward designed to boost economic growth across cities in the North of England, developed by the coalition government in 2010-2016 and the conservative government between 2015-2017.

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How will HS2 benefit the UK public and businesses?

The world leading HS2 will see Britain, once again, propel the rail operations into the future. As the birthplace of the modern railway, it is right and fitting that the country will see the next step in rail travel take form, right here on home soil.
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Leeds City Region economic growth leads to more development projects

Leeds is quickly becoming one of the regions to watch, not just the in the North of England but across the whole of the UK. Brands are quickly setting up offices in the city and wider region due to the increased awareness around the offerings of the area.
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Why are quantity surveyors important in construction projects

Building projects, whether they are large or small, require a qualified and experienced individual on hand to be able to oversee budgets, provide resource management and advise on the best practice for reducing waste, amongst a whole further array of skills.
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Why study quantity surveying as an undergraduate?

With a depleting number of graduates leaving university with property surveying and construction orientated degrees, the demand created by a surge of build projects during the economic recovery has lead to the need to drive more undergraduates to want to work in this sector. 

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Importance of dispute avoidance in the construction sector

Disputes can be lengthy and costly for businesses, particularly in construction where there are so many moving parts to the workforce that it can be all the more common for disputes to arise.

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The importance of quantity surveying in sustainable construction

Within the building and construction industry, sustainability is currently the key buzzword. Due to a rapidly increasing population, there is a bigger focus on creating buildings that will continue to benefit people and the environment for years to come and with pressure groups placing increased scrutiny on building companies, it is critical for these construction businesses to employ a quantity surveyor.

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What are the benefits of green building projects?

Green building constructions are quickly increasing in demand and popularity, with brands and global companies becoming more socially conscious and aware of their impact on the environment and an increased pressure from groups has placed higher expectancies of global businesses to positively contribute to the world and take accountability for their carbon footprint.

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How to encourage more female graduates into the quantity surveying industry

Quantity surveying is becoming a more popular subject for students to study and pursue as a career, both in the UK and around the world. The increased awareness of the job role has boosted the appeal of the subject, due to a heightened understanding of the prospective career path and potential roles available within the industry.

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Sum Academy

=Sum Academy: Developing Talented People to Work in Construction

=Sum are searching for talented people of all levels, who want to learn & develop with our business as we grow. We are ambitious, We are Sum.

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